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Protect your furniture feet from damage

📣Product Feedback from Amgomall

True stories from users
from Adam

Thanks For Amgomall

I live in an apartment building, unfortunately it's not soundproofed, and the kids upstairs like to drag stools around, which is a headache for me working from home. So I found Amgomall, bought the product and gave it to my upstairs neighbor, and I'm glad there are no more noises that give me a headache. Thanks Amgomall!

from Susan

great product

I must say this is the best case I've ever used! Many of the products I purchased before were damaged within a month. The current Amgomall product I replaced has been used for three months, and the quality is still very good. No scratches on the floor after use, thanks Amgomall for such a great product!


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